Adrian Enache OmniperformAdrian, the founder and CEO of OmniPERFORM, has 10 years of experience in business consultancy, online media, omnichannel and e-commerce, SaaS, business development, digital campaigns and software products.

With an Informatics background and licensed in “Search Engine Marketing for Businesses”​ and Master’s Degree in “Business and Marketing Sides in Software Development”​ he is an “exact sciences” kind of person, both professionally and in his personal life.

He developed skills in Omnichannel projects, e-Commerce Platforms, non-transactional websites and mobile apps to integrated campaigns and Performance media.

Therefore his expertise in diverse areas enables him to understand what leverage omnichannel can represent, while acknowledging the potential weight of interdepartmental collaboration in the success of a project (Logistics, Purchasing, Branding, Operations, PR).

Having a large number of projects launched in B2B & B2C Commerce (omnichannel or digital) and experience in Performance Marketing, he co-founded The MasterPlan Agency as an agency that was focused on connecting the business KPIs directly with the advertising campaigns.

Main Specialties:

• Management
• Leadership
• Business Revenue and Profit Increase Solutions Consultant
• eBusiness & eMarketing Consultancy
• Digital Strategy
• B2B / B2C Omni-Channel or Digital Commerce
• SEM: SEO (organic) & SEA (paid campaigns)
• Loyalty Management Programs & eMail Marketing
• Media | Performance Marketing | ROI campaigns
• Lead Generation | LPO, Conversion Rate Optimization | CRO
• Data Analytics, Web Analytics & Usability: UX. A/B. MVT (Multivariate testing)


Chief Executive Officer @OmniPERFORM
March 2017 – PRESENT
After an investment in technology and digital we are using sophisticated neuromarketing algorithms combined with proprietary media technology to maximize the performance of your omni-channel customer communication, achieving conversion rates superior to market average, leading to higher revenue and profit.
He leads the team and the vision in the agency in order to achieve better results in all digital and omnichannel campaigns.
Core competencies:
– digital communication campaigns
– omnichannel and e-commerce consultancy
– inbound and outbound marketing communication
– conversion rate optimization
– data integration, web analytics
– optimised UX and UI interface development
– performance marketing, PPC advertising
– social advertising
– media buying, planning and reporting
– digital asset development (websites, applications, technologies)
– loyalty and CRM campaigns
– web design and development

General Manager & Co-Founder @The Masterplan Agency
June 2014 – February 2017
The Masterplan Agency ( was a digital media and performance marketing agency with extensive experience in omnichannel commerce and digital consultancy.
As Managing Partner and also Co-founder he was responsible for the Agency’s development strategy.

The agency had at it’s base it’s own philosophy and methodology – they were strongly connecting the business main KPIs (revenue and profit) to their campaigns and align all their actions in order to give the best results to the customers.
Group Head of Digital media & Performance Services @Infinit Solutions Agency
June 2014 – February 2017
The team he led represented the Inbound Marketing services in the Infinit Solutions group.
Together with all the other departments they took part in the business development, strategy and delivering results for all the agency’s customers.
The team delivered results to partners such as: CEC Bank, Total, Rompetrol, Honda (auto and moto), Praktiker, Royal Canin, Generali Romania, Cosmopolis, Anadolu, Inmedio, 1 Minute and more.
Head of Digital @Inotec Plus
August 2013 – Jun 2014
Performance Marketing Manager @HyperActive
September 2012 – August 2013
eCommerce Optimization Specialist @ Metro Cash and Carry
June 2011 – Sept 2012
SEO Specialist & Betatester @Machteamsoft SRL
February 2009 – July 2010